Frequently Asked Questions

A credit score is a three-digit number that summarizes the information in your credit report. This number is used by lenders other businesses thinking of extending credit to you and reflects the likelihood you will fall behind on a loan or credit obligation in the future. The higher the number, the better your credit looks to potential creditors.

A credit report is a document that has information about your credit activity and current credit situation, such as your loan payment history and the status of your accounts with lenders, credit card issuers, and other creditors. Credit reports are created by credit reporting companies (“credit bureaus”) which collect and store data that is submitted to them by your creditors or publicly available. Credit reports often contain current and past personal information used to apply for credit, including jobs you’ve held and places you’ve lived, as well as details about your credit accounts, public records about you, and lists of inquiries about your credit.

A credit bureau is a company that collects information about your credit history from creditors and public sources. It packages the information in your credit report, which it sells to businesses that are thinking of extending credit to you. The three major U.S. credit bureaus are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

There are five factors used to calculate your credit score: payment history, amounts owed, credit history, credit mix, and new credit. Payment history has the highest impact on your credit score. Always try to pay your credit obligations on time. A great way to do this is to set all accounts to "auto pay" from your bank account. At the very least, set the minimum payment to be paid each month automatically.

Dovly uses a “soft pull” to show your credit report online. This kind of request will not show up on your credit report and will not hurt your credit score.

Dovly uses a fully automated software program to pull your credit report, to show you the negative items on your report, to send dispute messages to the credit bureaus on your behalf, and to monitor changes to your report.

Dovly is a fully automated online credit repair solution. That means you can use Dovly 24 hours a day from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, and you don’t need to talk to any annoying call center agents. Our entirely electronic system provides faster service from beginning to end. And because our software algorithm uses a scientific approach to manage the dispute process, we usually get better results for our customers.

You can rely on Dovly in the same way that personal finance companies, a leading national bank, many other reputable businesses turn to us to help their own customers struggling with credit issues. Our business has been featured positively in the media, and our executive leaders are accomplished professionals highly respected by their industry peers. Most of all, our customers can attest to Dovly’s value and service.

Some other things you can do to improve your score: - Pay your bills when they are due - Avoid using too much of the credit limit on any credit cards - Avoid applying for too many credit accounts at once - Avoid closing too many credit cards and other credit accounts at once - Maintain different kinds of credit accounts, including installment, revolving, and open accounts

You can enroll in our credit improvement program for a low monthly fee that is a fraction of the cost of traditional credit repair services. There are no set up fees or other hidden charges and fees are incurred month-to-month with no further obligation. Click here to view the latest pricing options.

The three major credit bureaus generating reports on your credit history are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. If you select 1-bureau service from Dovly, we’ll only pull your TransUnion credit report. With 1-bureau service, you won’t be able to dispute inaccurate items from your Experian or Equifax reports that do not also appear on your TransUnion report. If you instead select 3-bureau service, you’ll be able to see all three reports and dispute negative items wherever they appear.

Every case is different, so it depends on your individual situation, and no result is guaranteed. Dovly’s algorithm is designed to get results as quickly as possible, and 92% of Dovly customers have seen improvements in their credit scores in 6 months or less. Many customers see positive results in the first 60 days.

Every case is different, so it depends on your individual situation, and no result is guaranteed. That said, Dovly customers have seen an average improvement of over 50 points.

Your credit report and score can change daily. Once you are enrolled in Dovly, you can view an updated credit report each month for no additional cost. You can also sign up for daily alerts about changes to your credit report.

We know you'll love our services, but you can cancel at anytime for any reason with no further obligation.

You can cancel with a few clicks by logging in and going to the subscription selection under your name at the upper right corner of your screen.

Because Dovly only charges you after we have performed a service, fees generally are not refundable. That said, if we are unable to verify your identity, if we are unable to pull your credit report, or if you do not have any inaccuracies on your report to dispute, we will gladly issue a refund of any amounts charged.

We’d love to start helping you as soon as possible. Please contact Dovly Customer Service to ask about a flexible payment arrangement.

This error appears once in a while, and it’s mostly for your security. To resolve it, please contact Dovly Customer Service.

More than 60 million consumers in the U.S. have thin files or lack meaningful credit history; however, this doesn’t mean they don’t have inaccuracies on their credit reports. If you are one of these people, Dovly would be a great way for you to check under the hood for the cause of your thin file (e.g., creditors not reporting to all 3 bureaus, tradelines not updating properly, inaccurate personal information, etc.). Since our credit report inquiries will not hurt your scores, it’s worth a shot.

If you have any billing issues please contact Dovly Customer Service.