Meet Dovly AI: Your Soon-to-be Favorite AI Credit Repair Software

Millions of Americans don’t know they have errors on their credit report until they’re rejected for a credit card or loan. 🙁 

Introducing Dovly AI, an AI credit engine that can help you monitor, (re)build, repair, and protect your credit. Dovly uses proprietary AI to identify problems and create a customized plan to remove negative errors from your credit report.

Using AI to Boost Your Credit Score: Why Is It a No Brainer?

  • Dispute Efficiently

    Dovly’s AI engine has a secret recipe for electronically submitting disputes to all major credit bureaus, as well as providing personalized tips and tricks to increase credit scores. AI systems can work at a much faster pace than humans to repair bad credit. This speed is crucial in credit improvement, where timely resolution of disputes and corrections can significantly impact a person’s credit score. AI can automatically identify potential errors on credit reports and generate dispute letters to address inaccuracies. This streamlines the dispute resolution process, helping individuals challenge and correct inaccurate information on their credit reports.

  • Never Overpay for Credit Building Again

    The efficiency and automation AI brings can lead to cost savings compared to hiring a credit repair company. The faster resolution of credit issues and reduced manual workload can make credit repair services more cost-effective.

  • Automate Processes

    AI can automate many processes involved in credit improvement, making the entire process more efficient. Tasks such as analyzing credit reports, identifying errors, discrepancies, and negative items that may be affecting a person’s credit score can be handled quickly and accurately by our AI system. This automation speeds up the initial assessment phase and allows to boost your score more quickly.

  • Access More Data, Faster

    AI excels at processing and analyzing vast amounts of data, like analyzing credit reports, transaction histories, and other financial data. AI algorithms can quickly identify patterns, trends, and discrepancies in this data, helping to pinpoint areas that need attention. AI can also leverage predictive analytics to forecast potential credit issues or trends. By identifying patterns in a person’s financial behavior, AI can help individuals make informed decisions to prevent future credit problems.

  • Keep up with credit industry changes

    Credit repair involves navigating through a complex web of regulations and laws. AI systems can be programmed to ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues. AI systems can also continuously learn and adapt to changes in credit reporting rules, regulations, and algorithms. This adaptability ensures that the credit repair process remains effective and up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

We’ve helped our members raise their scores by 5,000,000+ points4

No more spending hours studying your credit report, researching how to delete accounts.

Repairing your own bad credit used to be time consuming and confusing. You can do independent research on good credit practices. You can contact the credit bureaus and your creditors to get any questionable negative items removed from your credit reports. That said, Dovly AI provides personalized tips and tricks to boost your credit and keep it high – all for free. Dovly AI streamlines the dispute process and can often achieve faster results with our AI credit engine.

Credit repair companies can be ineffective and send all your disputes at once using generic dispute letters that are more likely to get rejected by the 3 credit bureaus. Due to the scientific approach of our AI engine, at Dovly AI we have found that sending three disputes at a time is the optimal number. This makes it less likely for the bureaus to flag your account as frivolous, as well as helps feed the algorithm so subsequent rounds will be more effective (a fancy way of saying we use past results to get smarter). Think of Dovly AI as a sniper – we target items and get them methodically removed. We’ve proven time and again that our approach is significantly more effective. Just stick with us and be patient. If it can be removed, we’ll get it off your report!

How Dovly AI works

Dovly AI distinguishes itself by its holistic approach to credit management. We don’t just diagnose you with a score or problem; we’re committed to addressing and resolving your credit issues. Dovly AI offers a comprehensive credit care platform, providing you with all the necessary tools to effectively manage your credit and improve your financial well-being, all within one user-friendly interface. No more juggling multiple solutions – Dovly AI is your all-in-one solution for credit management.

  • Connect Your Credit Report

    Dovly AI automatically imports and analyzes your 3 bureau credit report, finds negative accounts, and prepares a strategic & aggressive dispute strategy, without ever creating a hard inquiry.

    Dovly AI can help you delete these accounts from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion:

  • Late Payments

  • Repossessions

  • Charge Offs

  • Collections

  • Foreclosures

  • Judgements

  • Inquiries

  • Bankruptcy

No need to create an account with each credit bureau. Dovly AI brings all three bureaus to you.

  • Dispute Any Account On All 3 Bureaus

    Our AI knows which accounts are hurting your credit and helps you create powerful disputes to remove them.

    Don’t waste your time and money hiring a credit repair company to send generic
    disputes the 3 bureaus can legally reject. We help you create far more effective disputes than any credit repair company. Because you send them yourself, the bureaus won’t reject them. Easily create effective disputes for all 3 bureaus and improve your credit score with Dovly AI.

  • Get Unlimited Disputes that Actually Work

    Dispute as many accounts as you want on all 3 bureaus at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you have one account or fifty accounts to dispute, Dovly AI can easily manage and track all of them.

    Our AI knows that different negative accounts require different dispute strategies. For example, disputing a collection account is different than disputing a bankruptcy. We help you create the right dispute to achieve a permanent deletion.

  • Track Your Results

    Dovly AI tracks all of your disputes on all 3 bureaus. Every month, we import your new credit report and show which accounts were deleted and your new credit score. If an account wasn’t deleted, Dovly AI will suggest a new strategy for additional disputes.

    We won’t let you in the dark: with Dovly, you’ll always know what’s going on with your credit repair and score.

What you can achieve with Dovly AI

Get approved for a credit card

Qualify for better credit cards with a better score

Start a family

Don’t let bad credit get in your way of starting your dream family

Buy a house or apartment

Lenders want to see that your credit is high and stable, so don’t let errors hold you back

Lower interest rates

A higher score can save you tens of thousands of dollars

Purchase a car

Buying a car is a big purchase, so you don’t need high interest rates driving up the price

Financial freedom

Get ahead financially with a better score

Real people. Real progress. Real awesome.

  • Since using Dovly my credit has improved 63 points! I have been able to file disputes for all inaccuracies on all 3 of my credit reports and most have been amended in my favor. This app is incredible and I HIGHLY recommend!!

    – Alexx

  • Dovly provides a way for the little people to do big things when it comes to credit. I suggest anyone under a 700 for a credit score to invest their time in Dovly. TRUST me it’s worth it.

    – Timothy

  • I’ve been extremely grateful and impressed with dovly inc. with all the help I’ve received with my credit report and with rebuilding. I tell everyone I speak to about anything credit wise about Dovly. I a million times over recommend them. Thanks Dovly and team

    – Allen

    Improving your credit score with AI – FAQ

    What is AI credit repair?

    AI credit repair refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and algorithms to assist in the process of improving an individual’s creditworthiness and overall credit score. The traditional credit repair process involves identifying and disputing inaccuracies or errors in a person’s credit report, as well as implementing strategies to improve their financial standing. AI is employed to automate and enhance various aspects of this process.

    How can AI help fix my credit?

    AI can play a major role in helping to fix your credit, by quickly identifying errors, inaccuracies, or discrepancies in your credit reports, automate the generation of dispute letters to bureaus when errors are identified, and continuously monitor changes in your credit report.

    How to use AI to boost my credit score?

    With Dovly, using AI for credit repair can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Upon signing up, … Our smart AI engine will show you negative items that are potentially hurting your score. Once you select them, the engine will find the quickest, most effective route dispute them with the bureaus and provide personalized tips and tricks to boost your credit and keep it high.

    Is using AI for credit repair safe?

    Using AI for credit repair can be safe, but it depends on the specific tools, platforms, and services you choose. Dovly is 100% committed to your data privacy and security. We always use bank-level encryption in all data transmissions. We use your data for identity verification with the bureaus, fraud prevention, and to comply with federal laws. We will never share or sell your data to third parties without your consent. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details. But more than anything our members can attest to our value and service.

    How much does Dovly AI cost?

    For a cost of only $39.99/month, Dovly Premium members see a 79-point score improvement on average*. Our data shows that members who are more engaged and log into Dovly regularly see significantly better results. You can also start for free and upgrade as you go. No commitment, no surprises. Learn more about our pricing plans.

    What is the best AI credit repair software?

    With over 20,000 five-star reviews, we’d say it’s Dovly, but admittedly, we’re a little biased. Check how we compare with other credit solution companies and read our client reviews to help make up your mind!

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