Dovly AI Premium members see an average increase of 79 points

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Dovly AI helps thousands of Americans take control of their credit scores and achieve financial freedom.

“This service is truly worth more than what they are charging. I would like to thank their helpful well knowledgeable, staff for their great assistance in the journey of improving credit. Get the app if you don’t have it… [it’s] easy to track disputes and puts everything in clear understandable format, I love it!”
Dovly User Chan K.
“Dovly has been amazing finally someone who is looking out for me when it comes to my credit, they are fast to Answer any questions and are really concerned with improving your credit my credit went up over 60 points since starting.”
Dovly User Evan Y.
“My credit score has gone up with only being on Dovly a few months. I can’t wait to see how much higher it can go!”
Dovly User Jessica R.
“Dovly has far superceded my expectations. Errors are dropping off my reports, my score has gone up 80 points in one month thanks to the advice I got in one of the newsletters. Absolutely worth every penny I have paid. Help and knowledge I never knew I could get. Much better then paying 600 dollars us for someone to do it for me because know I have the ability to stay on top of it myself.”
Dovly User Les R.
“I signed up about a month ago and I am amazed. I had been fighting to remove a collection that wasn’t mine for over a year. You got it done in about a month and removed a couple other collections which were questionable. Thank you. And I know I’ve said it but I am impressed. I didn’t have high hopes since I’ve paid other companies with no results.”
Dovly User Wallace S.
“Dovly is great does exactly what is advertised, I saw noticeable changes with my credit score in 2 months.”
Dovly User Christopher J.

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How Dovly AI Helped Michael Get Ahead

“I am beside myself with how happy I am with my scores that I started to laugh out of the happiness I felt.”
  • Michael M.
    Dovly User

When & Lexington Law Didn’t Work

“I’ve tried credit repair before with Lexington Law and What a difference with Dovly.”

  • Jennifer M.
    Dovly User

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Dovly AI users see:

79 Point

average increase


increase in their credit scores with Dovly


average derogatory marks deleted

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