What Does it Mean When My Dispute Says “Information Updated”?


Errors on credit reports are much more common than many people think, and misinformation can have a negative impact on your credit score. If you find a mistake on your credit report, dispute it immediately so that the error can be corrected. When you start this process, the credit bureau investigates your claim by contacting the creditor that provided the information. The creditor typically has 30 days to respond to your dispute.

The Results of a Credit Dispute

Once your dispute has been investigated and is completed, you’ll be able to see the results. A common question among consumers is “What does it mean when my dispute says ‘information updated’?” Information updated may mean the information you disputed has been updated as you described. It could also mean your creditor updated different information but reported the disputed information is accurate as reported.

If your dispute involved your personal information such as a misspelling or a wrong address, the statement “information updated” means it’s been corrected. Incorrect personal information may show as updated or deleted. 

Does Filing a Dispute Affect Your Credit Score?

There’s no impact on your credit score when you file a credit dispute. Once the dispute is completed, your score may go up or down depending on what was disputed and how the investigation turned out. If a payment was reported late that wasn’t late, once it’s removed from your credit report, your score should go up. If your dispute involved personal information, that isn’t likely to have any effect on your score. 

If Your Dispute is Denied

If your dispute is denied, contact the creditor or collection agency to explain why you believe they’re reporting information that’s wrong. You can also add a statement of dispute to your credit report or provide additional information to the credit bureau.

If the credit bureau believes your dispute was frivolous, they will stop investigating. If that happens, you’ll need to provide more information. They may consider a dispute frivolous if you repeatedly dispute the same information without providing more documentation. It won’t help you to dispute negative items that are accurate, but you should dispute those that aren’t accurate, providing clear information backing up your claim.

Need Help with Disputing Wrong Information on Your Credit Report?

Your credit report affects whether you can borrow money and at what interest rate. It can also affect insurance rates or your ability to get a job or an apartment, so it’s important that your credit report is right. As a consumer, you have the right to have a credit report that’s accurate and fair, and disputing inaccuracies can help you to do that. 

Dovly can take care of the dispute process for you. After you review your credit report, simply select what needs to be disputed, and we’ll contact the credit bureaus while you sit back and relax. Dovly is an automated credit repair engine that can help you track, manage and fix your credit on an ongoing basis. Fixing your credit report doesn’t get easier than this. Get in touch with Dovly today to get started.

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