My Financial Documents Are Missing – What Should I Do?

If you’ve experienced a home invasion, an office invasion, or a disaster such as a flood or fire, you may be overwhelmed with trying to figure out what you’ve lost and what you may still have but can’t find. If the question uppermost in your mind is “My financial documents are missing – what should I do?” There are some things you should do right away.

Bank Account Information

If you think someone may have gotten ahold of your bank account information, notify your bank that the account should be closed right away and a new one opened. You’ll need to update the information on any payments that are being made automatically. Review your account thoroughly and make sure there aren’t any charges you don’t recognize that may have been made fraudulently.

Credit Card or Debit Card Numbers

If you have a missing card, contact your credit card company or bank right away to cancel the card and have them issue a new one. Check that there are no fraudulent transactions that have gone through. If they have, report them to the card issuer right away.

Social Security Card

If your social security card has been stolen, you’re at risk for identity theft. Contact your local law enforcement and file a theft report. Contact the Social Security Administration to get a replacement card.

You’ll need to monitor your credit report frequently to make sure your social security number isn’t being used to open new accounts in your name. It’s a good idea to place a fraud alert on your credit, which can make it difficult for anyone else to open an account in your name. You can also contact all three credit bureaus to freeze your credit, which blocks access to your credit reports.

Income Tax Returns

If you find that income tax returns have been stolen, thieves may have gotten enough of your personal information to steal your identity. Keep an eye on your credit report to make sure accounts aren’t being fraudulently opened using your identity. If your social security number is used fraudulently to obtain credit or a job, contact the Federal Trade Commission.

When it’s time to file a tax return again, file as early as possible so that your tax return has been completed before a scammer can use your identity to try to get your refund. If you get any letters from the IRS, answer them right away.

Protecting Your Credit

Whenever you find important documents missing, do everything you can to protect your credit. If you find that your personal information has been used to open new accounts or to charge purchases to your credit cards, dispute this information with the credit bureaus right away.

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