How to Remove an Authorized User

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If you have allowed someone to be an authorized user on your credit card, they have permission to use the card but aren’t responsible for making payments. This can help someone with no credit history get started, because the payment history of the account is usually reflected on their credit report.

Sooner or later, you may want to know how to remove an authorized user, either because the person requests that they be removed or because you no longer want to allow them to use your credit card. You may want to remove them because they’re abusing the privilege of using the card or because they have established their own credit and no longer need to be connected to yours. You may also want to remove a previous partner after a divorce or breakup.

Process for Removing an Authorized User from a Credit Card Account

Removing an authorized user is as simple as calling the number on the back of your credit card and requesting the change. If you have more than one authorized user, you can remove just one or all of them. If you want to remove just one person, let the credit card representative know this. It’s a good idea to follow up with a written request.

Some credit card companies may allow you to remove an authorized user from their online dashboard. Sign into your account and look for an option to manage users. Let the person being removed know that they’ll no longer be able to use your credit card.

Removing Yourself as an Authorized User

Another possibility is that you’re the authorized user on someone else’s account and you no longer want to be connected to that account. You may be able to do this by contacting the credit card company. You may need to have the primary account holder’s social security number or know the answer to security questions. Some credit card companies require all changes to be made by the cardholder.

Will Removing an Authorized User Improve Your Credit?

If the authorized user used the card responsibly, removing them won’t have any impact on your credit. If they continually maxed out the balance, removing them may give you a chance to reduce your credit utilization rate, which can help to improve your credit score. The authorized user’s credit could be affected if you have a longstanding account. Once this account is removed from their credit, the length of time accounts have been opened on their report may be much shorter.

Filing Credit Disputes

If you’re having difficulty getting yourself removed from an account that you no longer want to be associated with, you can file a dispute with the credit card company. Another reason you may need to file a dispute is if you requested removal, but the account still appears on your credit report.

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