How Dovly Compares with Other Credit Solutions Companies Such as Lexington Law

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As many as two out of every three people have an error on their credit reports, and things that aren’t reported correctly can drive your score down. You need someone on your side to track, manage, and fix your credit. With so many credit repair companies to choose from, why should you choose Dovly? Let’s take a look at Dovly’s free credit engine compared to some other credit solution companies.

Monitoring Your Credit

Some companies offer a credit monitoring service while others rely on you as the consumer to provide the credit report. Credit monitoring companies like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame monitor your credit but may have incomplete credit reports. According to Lexington Law’s website, if you want credit monitoring services, you have to purchase them separately from their other services. 

Dovly provides enhanced credit monitoring alerts sent straight to your phone the second there’s a change to your report, so you never miss something new pop-up on your credit report and have the opportunity to dispute any inaccuracies right then and there. 

Repairing and Improving Your Credit

Many companies claim to offer help with repairing and improving your credit. National credit repair companies such as Lexington Law rely on processes such as manual letter writing which requires human resources and can be time-consuming. Based on a Lexington Law review, they only provide “letters sent on your behalf” which are not effective for many Lexington Law customers. 

Whatever errors or misinformation are on your credit report, Dovly’s online engine can fix them. We work to remove incorrect items so that you can focus on other important matters. We’re not a one-time solution. Instead, our automated engine works 24/7.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Dovly can soft pull your credit report from TransUnion giving you the full picture of your credit history and potential errors.
  • Dovly uses an AI credit dispute engine, with an algorithm that prioritizes disputing errors that would impact your score the most.
  • Dovly takes care of unlimited disputes.
  • Dovly offers Live customer support.

Dovly and Price

The cost of credit solutions can vary widely. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame offer their services for free but they don’t really help remove inaccurate data and may inundate you with emails and offers. Other companies, like Lexington Law, can be pricey, costing as much as $100 a month or more. According to a review from Business Insider, Lexington Law’s high prices are just not worth it.

At Dovly, there are no setup costs or hidden fees. You can choose between two plan options, our Free plan that’s completely free, and no credit card is required at sign-up. And our Premium plan which offers the option to pay monthly or yearly, whatever works best for you and your budget. 

Help from Trained Experts

Some credit services aren’t consumer-focused. You may try to get answers from people who are uneducated and inexperienced, or you may have trouble getting hold of a live agent at all. When you’re working to improve your credit, it’s important to know you’re in the hands of experts who know how credit works and genuinely care about treating you as an individual. The algorithms of Dovly’s credit improvement engine do the heavy lifting, and our team provides the information you need for financial wellness.

At Dovly, we want you to have the information you need to build toward the credit you want and the freedom that comes with it. This includes understanding your credit score, what goes into your credit report, and how to make your credit better. We’re the only completely automated solution in the marketplace, and we cater to the needs of each individual. Try it risk-free with our free membership tier.

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