No risk pay-per-removal credit repair for your members

Less stress — especially financial stress — means happier members. Dovly’s automated credit repair engine helps your members get ahead financially by tracking, managing, and fixing their credit.

In our pay-per-removal model, you enroll members with low credit. While you cover a small monthly fee for Dovly’s service, members only pay when inaccurate items are removed from their credit reports. Dovly shares the revenues with you, and you have the option to rebate fees when funding a loan to members with repaired credit.

Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial option for both you and your members. With no cost to your members until they see results, you’ll help them achieve their financial goals as you generate more loan volume.

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With a 91% success rate, we disputed 500,000+ credit errors.

On average, Dovly members see the following results:


point average
credit score ↑


point median
credit score ↑


credit report
errors removed

You make it easy for your employees.
We make it easy for you.

Here are some other benefits of partnering with Dovly.

Easy enrollment for members

With no up-front cost, members can easily enroll and start repairing their credit.

Promote financial inclusion

Increase access to financial products and services for all your members, regardless of their background.

Privacy and protection

Secure with data encryption at rest (AES-256) and transit (TLS), field-level encryption of sensitive data, and strict data retention policies as well as access controls.

Engage your members

Send automated credit notifications to members through Dovly. By celebrating their progress, you’ll reinforce satisfaction and loyalty.

Going beyond credit repair with Dovly

Since 2018, Dovly has been helping its members get ahead financially — but credit improvement is just one part of it.

Throughout the year, your employees will improve their financial literacy with:

• Personalized alerts and recommendations
• Tips to avoid credit landmines, reporting errors, and identity theft
• Newsletters and blog posts featuring actionable advice
• Best practices and links to helpful resources from credit experts

Pricing Dovly

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Breakdown by # of Employees

  • $2/month the first month and $1/month for every month after for each enrolled member

  • Debit $50 per removal directly from the member’s bank account*

  • You keep 30% of the removal fee and return 70% to Dovly. At your discretion, rebate the fees when qualified members close a new loan.*

    *Actual pricing based on volume and other applicable terms and conditions. Please contact our team for more details.