At Dovly we're changing the way people feel about credit.

It's your finances. It's your life. Take control!

Dovly’s business was built on the foundation of helping our members get ahead financially. We believe everyone deserves financial peace of mind. We’re here to give you the tools and education to get there.

Demystify credit

Why is something so important so difficult to understand and navigate? Wherever you are on your credit journey, Dovly has the tools and software to keep you moving in the right direction so you can focus on more important things in life.

Prevention Improvement Maintenance

If you are just starting to build a credit history, we want to help you make the right choices to avoid ruining your credit. If you already struggle with poor credit, we want to help you work your way up to a good score. And if you are satisfied with your credit score, we want to help you stay ahead.

Dovly was founded by two veterans of the consumer credit industry who didn’t like what they saw when it came to credit services. Businesses were misleading and gouging consumers, and putting profits ahead of any value to the customer.

Dovly turns the model on its head by putting the consumer first. Leveraging technology and innovation, we seek to provide the most affordable, transparent, and effective range of solutions possible.

Our Team

Dovly was founded by two immigrants that migrated to America when we were young children. Our parents made sacrifices to provide better lives and more opportunities for us. We witnessed first-hand the financial struggles our parents faced upon entering the US. Not being able to rent an apartment, buy or lease a car, or get a credit card because they didn’t have good credit was debilitating for our families. We want to help people who have similar struggles. Financial security should be available to everyone – not just the wealthy few. We want to free people from the burdens of financial instability and provide them with choices. And we want to do it in a cost-effective way for them. We want our service to be accessible to everyone, which is why we focused on an automated solution that can scale.


Nirit Rubenstein

Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

Tedis Baboumian

Chief Credit Officer | Co-Founder

Michael Rubenstein

VP Business Development

Chuck Morehead

Chief Technology Officer