Dovly Announces Launch of Dovly Free


Freemium Offering Gives Users Access To Platform’s Algorithm, Powers Monthly Disputes with TransUnion

PHOENIX – For decades, credit repair has been a manual and expensive process. Today, Dovly, the fintech startup boosting the financial health of American consumers, announced the launch of Dovly Free, the first no-cost automated credit repair offering, ensuring that anyone needing help with credit has access to a proven technology. This innovation will revolutionize the way consumers validate and sustain their credit files.

With Dovly Free, members still benefit from Dovly’s algorithm, a proprietary technology which identifies the tradelines hurting a member’s credit rating. Members then have the ability to dispute items with the swipe of a screen. The algorithm processes disputes, prioritizing the items projected to have optimal impact for each individual.

With so many Americans struggling financially in the wake of the pandemic, Dovly recognized that even its low-cost solutions remained out of reach for many who needed them. Dovly Free helps bridge the gap.

“Dovly’s mission is to empower everyone to get ahead financially, and we believe every person should have more control over their credit,” Dovly’s Director of Engineering Karamvir Singh explained. “A credit score is the gatekeeper of financial inclusion. Because many of those who could not afford Dovly needed our platform the most, Dovly Free became a critical addition to our lineup.”

In conjunction with the launch of Dovly Free, the company is revamping its platform to be more intuitive and supportive of building good credit habits. Dovly’s paid membership tiers will include all of these enhancements, while also monitoring credit and enabling more frequent dispute functionality. The paid membership tiers will now also feature a Money Back Guarantee, entitling members to a full refund of membership fees if Dovly is unable to remove any disputed items from their credit reports within the first 90 days of membership. 

About Dovly
Dovly is an automated credit repair engine that helps consumers track, manage and fix their credit, and gain control of their financial well-being. The company was founded in 2018 with the mission of empowering Americans to get ahead financially. Dovly makes the credit improvement process easy, affordable, and stress-free. For more information, visit

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