Don't let a simple error keep your client's from their dream home.

Millions of Americans have errors on their credit report that weigh down their score and prevent them from reaching their home goals.

Dovly's app is the only automated credit repair engine that helps track, manage, and fix errors; providing education and credit coaching along the way to ensure your client's financial well-being.

With a 54 point average credit score increase in six months, let our technology get your applicant's back to the closing table and one step closer to the home of their dreams. It's a win-win.


With a 92% success rate, we disputed over 100,000 credit errors in 2020.

On average, Dovly members see the following results:

point average
credit score ↑

point median
credit score ↑

credit report
errors removed

Why Dovly Mortgage Ready Plus?

Dovly Mortgage Ready Plus combines intelligent credit restoration technology with a personalized recommendation engine to get mortgage applicants back to the closing table.

  • To correct inaccurate data on reports, Dovly’s engine tracks, manages and fixes credit. It requires no manual document submissions and no time-consuming, invasive discussions with telemarketing agents.
  • Dovly’s proprietary algorithm scores and stages disputes for optimal impact and automatically communicates with the credit bureaus. Key information and updates are available 24/7 via Dovly’s member portal.  
  • The personalized recommendation engine assesses each member’s situation and generates a steady flow of actionable recommendations that are tailored to individual circumstances - to help members establish a financeable credit profile and avoid common pitfalls that could set them back.
  • Dovly’s in-house live member success team, available by phone, email, and chat, backs the platform with an expert understanding of Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCRs) and key underwriting criteria.  The team leverages technology to monitor progress and keep members on the right track for approval.

Who is Dovly?

In 2018, two long-time veterans of the credit services industry took a critical look at how credit scores affect the lives of every American and how challenging it was for everyday people to navigate the credit industry and work to achieve good financial health.

They were convinced that a smarter technology was needed to restore and maintain good credit for everyone. And thus Dovly was born with the mission of maintaining good credit and making home financing accessible to everyone.

Here's how it works

We're not a credit monitoring service. We're an engine that does the disputing, the fixing, and the maintaining for your cardmembers.

Our automated engine and proprietary software is available to your clients for a flat monthly fee of $XX.XX, a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.  

Enroll day or night from any device.  
Cancel any time with no further obligation.

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