How Dovly Helped Michael Get Ahead

"I am beside myself with how happy I am with my scores that I started to laugh out of the happiness I felt."

For Michael, credit was something that he ignored and didn't want to think about. That's where Dovly came in to help.

"I procrastinate or just ignore the important details of my life. Despite my shortcomings, Dovly went above and beyond their obligation to help me. They emailed me, called me, and texted me, trying to get information and documentation need to do their job of helping me. I almost expected to see them on my doorstep to get me to help myself in regards to my credit. With the persistent method in which they tried to get me to give them the info need to fix my credit, I never, not even once, felt like they were pressuring me. Always polite and kind in the manner of communication. You could tell they cared about not only doing a good job but cared about me and my credit health. Pride in their workmanship, not just going through the motions so that person could collect a paycheck. They were doing all this because I wasn't making it easy for them. After years of avoiding collection agency calling and emailing me, it was easy and routine for me to not respond. I felt it a waste of time because I figured that nothing would fix my credit and the whole thing an exercise in wasting time and money. It was of no value and, therefore, unimportant for me to spend any extra time on, and I didn't. Dovly persevered and did what they could with the minimal info I gave them. I don't know how they did it. I expect, based on the way they tried to get what they needed from me, someone found what they needed using other resources by thinking outside the box. No matter how they did it, in the end, the result was more than I expect, more than what I wanted, and it surpassed what I imagined I would ever have for my credit.

At the time I wrote this, my scores are 734, 744, and 771. I am beside myself with how happy I am with my scores that I started to laugh out of the happiness I felt. You might find yourself giggling from the feelings you felt if you were me. What made me feel like this is because when I started with the free trial and my scores were so low that I had given up on my credit. I figured it was just how it was always going to be an accepted my fate. I had no hope to ever see good credit again for at least 15 years or longer, and that is if I didn't make any mistakes during that time. My scores were 522, 494, and 585, and Dovly improved my scores by 212, 250, 186 points in less than 90 days. I am completely amazed. I couldn't give a higher recommendation for Dovly. I have told everyone I know and some I don't. Basically, anyone I meet about my improved credit and renewed hope for a better life, which good credit can bring, and the company that made me once again to have a dream, Dovly. One of many possibilities, and of having a better life. At the age of fifty years, I had stopped dreaming of the future. When I thought about what my life would be like, it was always negative. So, I stopped dreaming and hoping for my future life to get much better than where I am at right now. I know good credit can make all the difference, and getting past this hurdle, something I thought would take 15 years or more to do, has given me a renewed optimism. I feel better about myself and wake up more energized about working to reach my dreams of a better tomorrow. Thank you, Dovly!"